1) We collaborated with ROPPA and conducted ten country studies analysing West Africa’s progress towards the CAADP goals. ROPPA presented the outcomes to the ECOWAS Ministers of Agriculture, enabling the Centre to contribute to the constructive and evidence-based involvement of smallholders in regional policymaking.

2) We published a study on multi-stakeholder partnerships for nutrition security, with a particular focus on regional approaches and the role of CAADP. The interest generated by this report led to our facilitation of an informal policy dialogue in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) - the first step towards an important new partnership. 

3) We authored a series of reports providing insights on how the activities of emerging economies in the African agricultural sector relate to CAADP. Furthermore, we facilitated an informal policy dialogue on sustainable agricultural investments, bringing together stakeholders from Africa, Europe and China.

4) In collaboration with the European NGO network APRODEV (the Association of World Council of Churches related Development Organisations in Europe), we organised a roundtable in Brussels on existing and alternative approaches to agricultural development to inform CAADP. Building on this dialogue, we published a thematic issue of GREAT insights which was distributed at the AU Summit in January 2014.

5) We analysed in how far the European Union's commitments and institutional mechanisms for policy coherence for development (PCD) have supported its development objectives in the area of global food security. We also contributed to development of a first methodology for assessing the impact of policies of OECD member states on food security in partner countries.

6) For DFID, we conducted an independent assessment of the CAADP Multi-Donor Trust Fund, the key channel for CAADP support to continental and regional institutions. The findings informed the design of the next Fund (MDTF II).